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Even the greatest of inventions evolve... Introducing Valspar Industrial Mixlicversusvim

For the past 7 years, LIC Industrial Finishes have been successfully used throughout Australia and New Zealand. As the ranges useage and market has expanded, Valspar found the need to evolve the product range to cater for increased colour capability & optimal coverage. Enter VIM - Valspar Industrial Mix.

VIM utilises the bestselling LIC binder formulations and incorporates an increased range of tinters developed from the latest USA technology. The increased range of 15 solid colour tinters achieves better colour match of corporate or specified colours. Additionally the VIM range includes 2 grades of metallic and 4 transparent tinters - expanding colour capabilities. The increased offering of VIM DTM topcoat products has increased rust inhibiting properties, whilst offering achieving superior coverage & gloss. VIM offers a wider range of dedicated primers including synthetic, polyurethane & factory pack epoxies.

VIM tinters are manufactured in world class global facilities that supply leading coating companies and OEM manufacturers worldwide. Colour formulations are accessible and able to be stored using 'Colour Retrievement System' program. VIM offers a extensive range of ready formulated colours with the 'Rainbow Colour Case'.