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Our range of high-pigmented, solvent-borne, multi-use color pastes (Valspar technology), are chrome- and lead-free. The range contains both solid/uni and metallic color pastes all available in 3.785 Litres.

IMU.CT101 White IMU.CT117
IMU.CT102 Lemon Yellow Lead Free
IMU.CT103 Mango Yellow Lead Free
IMU.CT104 Phthalo Green
IMU.CT105 Phthalo Blue
IMU.CT106 Quindo Violet
IMU.CT107 Red Iron Oxide
IMU.CT109 Orange Lead Free
IMU.CT110 Yellow Iron Oxide
IMU.CT111 Carbazole Violet
IMU.CT112 Mix Black
IMU.CT113 Jet Black
IMU.CT114 Transparent Red Oxide
IMU.CT115 Transparent Yellow Oxide
IMU.CT116 Metallic Fine
IMU.CT117 Metallic Coarse
IMU.CT120 Scarlet Red
IMU.CT122 Coral Orange
IMU.CT123 Magenta
IMU.CT124 Traffic Yellow
IMU.CT125 Sunset Yellow
IMU.CT127 Cancun Blue
IMU.CT135 Toner Blue
IMU.CT137 Toner Red Oxide
IMU.CT140 Toner Yellow Oxide
IMU.CT142 Toner Black
IMU.CT191 Metallic extra coarse
IMU.CT192 Metallic Fine
IMU.CT193 Metallic Fine Bright
IMU.CT194 Metallic Coarse Bright