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Colour Retrieval ‘ICRIS’

Intelligent Colour Retrieval Information Service

icris_diskValspar can offer you a colour database containing more than 80,000 international motor vehicle colours based on a wide range of steels & plastic parts.  ICRIS is easy to use, with comprehensive retrieval features including the ability to search by different options. Formulas can be viewed in cumulative and absolute weights or ready-for-use paint with LIC auxiliary products. Additionally, the complete range of LIC Technical Data and Material Safety Sheets are linked to the products. Being a truly global system, ICRIS can be set up in over 25 languages.

The ICRIS software gives you quick and easy access to all colour information through loading the CD-ROM which is compatible with any Windows PC. Every week, Valspar laboratories upload over 500 new colours and variants to the ICRIS system. The colour information can be updated on a weekly basis in only seconds from your office through the internet.  Alternatively, you can load the weekly update onto a flash drive/USB stick & update your computer in the paint room. ICRIS can be linked to your scales also, so that you can quickly and accurately weigh out the formula on your computer screen. It also provides storage capacity for personal colour formulas and helps you to recalculate after a weighing error.

Australian Standard Colours

aus_standardsAS-2700 is a set of 206 nationally recognised colours commonly used in fleet, industrial and sign writing. This complete range of colours has been formulated ready to mix in all varieties of the LIC range of industrial finishes. Not sure of the colour? We have a folder with actual colour samples for you to select from. Contact your local LIC Distributor to help.
To view the range of Australian Standard Colours, please click here.

Colorbond Standard Colourscolorbond

Architects and designers alike are fans of the VIM range of Industrial finishes due to their high gloss and easy application. For seamless matching to roofing, guttering and window frames we have formulated the range of Colorbond colours ready for your use. The direct to metal features of the VIM range are also perfect for touching up scratches or reviving aluminium window frames.