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As a leading supplier to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) clients throughout the world. A lot of the most well-known names in heavy duty equipment manufacturing rely on Valspar’s quality and expertise. Valspar knows the answer to every imaginable coating requirement in any light or heavy industry. As a result Valspar Industrial Mix can provide the perfect coatings for a wide range of metal applications.


Agricultural machinery is often used over long periods of time and under difficult conditions. This requires customised coatings from Valspar that combine durability with high corrosion resistance. Valspar has the expertise to deliver the right coating for every specific use and application. Of course, the Colour Retrieval System contains colours from many different agricultural machinery manufacturers. Valspar is one of the world’s largest suppliers of coatings for agricultural machinery.


Coatings used in the building and construction industry are the most complex and most demanding type. In fact, some cranes and construction tools require several layers of coating, each with their own specific properties. Valspar has the know-how and the products to deliver the right coating for every client-specific requirement.


Valspar is also one of the world’s largest suppliers of coatings to garden machinery producers. As such, we have a unique amount of expertise and know what is required of coatings for tractor mowers, garden tractors, leaf blowers and other machinery. Valspar’s quality guarantees years of enjoying your garden machinery.


Trailers are used under the most diverse range of weather conditions. And now that increasingly aggressive substances are being used to combat snow and ice, a high-protection coating has become the number one priority. Valspar is one of the leading suppliers of coatings to chassis and trailer manufacturers and has a range of solutions to tackle even the most extreme conditions. Reliability and durability are our key values.

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Valspar is the top 3 supplier of coatings to OEMs of trains, trams and underground trains and is the preferred coating of many Class 1 railways. Valspar is also the market leader for repairs. Coatings are available for interiors and exteriors, each of which has its own properties and benefits. Trains, trams and underground trains are a travelling calling card, and so Valspar Industrial Mix ensures that they look good!

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Metal furnishings require a wide range of coatings, each of which has its own specifications. The cosmetic aspects of the furnishings play a key role, as do durability and corrosion resistance. Valspar provides the perfect answer to all your wishes in terms of colour, style and appearance. With its 10,000 colors, the Colour Retrieval System guarantees any colour you want in no time at all.

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The demanding environment of an industry such as mining places high demands on the machinery and transport means used within that industry. Coatings for mining equipment should be able to resist weather extremes, abrasion, impact and even chemical substances. Valspar is at home in the mining industry and has years of experience in developing durable coatings, for underground use as well as on the surface.

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Examples of other uses:

  • Pumps
  • Sea containers
  • Garage doors
  • Metal frames
  • Metal sheets
  • Metal furnishings
  • Railings
  • Packaging material
  • Bridges and parts of bridges
  • Galvanised products
  • Offshore tools
  • Plastic products
  • Fibreglass products
  • Aluminium products

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